Color pencil drawings: When you look at the pencil drawings by German artist Sanne, a popular quote by John Ruskin comes to mind,"All art is but dirtying the paper delicately". Her color pencil drawings seem to have a tinge of surrealism and fairytales attached to it. Her color pencil drawings are a combination of traditional methods and also storytelling. Sanne loves nature and she has incorporated them into her color pencil drawings in a unique way,...
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Color pencil drawings: Stephanie Frederick is a German artist and she is self taught. Her color pencil drawings are quite popular on the social media sites. She makes it a point to add pencil drawings in her Instagram account on a regular basis, so the world can appreciate her work. From cute Disney characters to popular cartoons, Stephanie Frederick has done a wonderful job in bringing them to life through her pencil drawings. She takes on commission work and if...
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Disney cartoon drawings: Have you seen magic through fingers, here is a chance to step into the world of American artist, Hope Hokulani's cartoon drawings, which mainly focuses on disney characters. From children to adults, disney has mesmerized everyone with their wonderful fairytale creatures. How often we wish for some of the characters to come alive. Every girl in this world, wants to become one of the fairytale princess like Ariel, the mermaid, Jasmine,...
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Looking for tips on eye drawings? Check out Gelson Fonteles drawings, you are sure to be amazed. He uses color pencils to give his drawings more life. Apart from drawing of eyes, the artist enjoys creating portraits, funny cartoons and more. Since 2014, he has been investing his time creating beautiful irises in different colors(blue, brown, purple, orange) and more. Drawing a perfect pair of eyes is a large herculean task for many newbies. Well this artist seems...
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Creative Drawing ideas : Enjoy your morning coffee over these creative drawings by Cinzia Bolognesi. Her drawings happened accidentally happened over one such coffee moment. It was on such a busy morning, her cookies were kept on a black chart near her laptop and she accidentally created a story on the sheet. The outcome was really cute and her creative art work was enjoyed by all her colleagues. From then on, she has been creating these funny drawings during her...
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Funny Art: Artist Ali Abd Al-Razzaq from Iraq uses everyday objects to create funny illustrations. For eg: He uses m& m chocolates as balloons. His illustrations are very simple, but highly imaginative and eye catching. His illustrations are a mixture of realism with drawings. Eventhough he started his funny illustrations only in 2013, his work is quite innovative and extremely funny. He tries to draw inspiration from everything around him. In this post we have...
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Pencil drawings: Nicolaus Ferry is an European surreal artist, who is quite well versed in digital art and manual pencil drawings. Nicolaus Ferry is a master of shading and light capturing, her work is like a splash of fresh water on your face. Nicolaus Ferry takes on commission work and her portrait pencil drawings are up for sale on her website. Her subjects are mostly women and she adds butterflies to her portraits, to show that a woman is as delicate as a...
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Pen Drawings: Iranian artist Matin Shafiee is popular for his creative pen drawings. With just a pen and creativity, it's amazing what this artist can do. To add color to his pen drawings, he uses color pencils and they take his art totally to the next level. He has captured the lighting and shading so beautifully in his pen drawings and they give you high definition art. His portraits of celebrities using pen and color pencils are simply amazing. This artist...
Color pencil drawings: Lebanese artist, Elcy Faddoul is the one of the youngest artist who creates these beautiful color pencil drawings. Fashion and Hip hop culture seems to be the inspiration for this 14 yr old artist. According to Elcy Faddoul, "Never become an artist if you don't know how to draw". Well it may sound mean, but she is just a young and budding artist. She started painting as a hobby a couple of years back and totally glued to it....
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Animal drawings: Born and brought up in Alpharetta, Georgia, Katy Lipscomb is a freelance illustrator, who does excellent animal drawings with pencils and markers. She has a very simple goal in life, "Be a good person and to share her wonderful art to the world". When she was a little girl and could hold her pencils, her mom understood her creativity and gave her a small place underneath the steps, where she can create just about anything. According to...
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