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Funny Animal Drawings by Oliudio
Funny animal drawings: Oliudio is a Chinese artist who is extremely talented and comes up with these super impressive color pencil animal drawings. At first look, you don't feel that you are looking at a color pencil drawing, they animal drawings
SHARE01 Oct 2020
Chalk Drawings
Chalk drawings: Since wet chalk can be used on almost all surfaces, artists can create mind boggling 3D chalk drawings on sidewalks, pavements or even walls. In this post we have included 50 Bind Blowing 3D chalk drawings from artists around the world for your inspiration. These 3D chalk drawings are hyper realistic in nature and one cannot take their eyes off them. I’m sure we all would have scribbled on the black boards with chalk and even tried eating them, but can you imagine amazing illusions which can be created using a...
SHARE05 Apr 2018
Portrait Drawings
Portrait drawing of self or other subjects is a tough task to master, but once you master the basic details, it’s quite thrilling to work on. First you need to draw the basic shape of the head without any hair, then draw the horizontal and vertical lines for the eyes, nose and mouth. Then work on the hair details. If you have face, eyes, mouth examples, you can mix and match them on your portraits before you start off with the real subjects. In this post we have included 50 Beautiful Pencil portrait drawings from around the...
SHARE05 Mar 2018
20 Beautiful and Realistic Color Pencil Drawings by Karakalem
Realistic pencil drawings: What is the one word that comes to your mind, when you look at the pencil drawings of Karakalem? Well we can only say that they are magnificent. When you look at these stunning portraits of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities, we can say that he has got his shades and light effects in an amazing manner. With just a few pencils, it's amazing to see the realistic, pop out looking paintings which are truly fabulous. Well there is a controversy surrounding this artist work, that maybe he/she is stealing...
SHARE12 Dec 2020
3D Drawings by Tolga Girgin
Calligraphy drawings: We have seen numerous 3D paintings and 3d drawings, now here is a fresh one, 3D calligraphy. Sounds interesting right? Tolga Girgin is an artist/graphic designer from Turkey, who does stunning 3d calligraphy. Tolga Girgin uses shading, shadows, and different forms of perspective to create 3D letters that seem to float off the paper, stand straight, drip, and even slant.He creates beautiful logos which seem to jump off his sketchbook in a pretty good way. Tolga Girgin was born in Simav,Turkey in 1981. He works as...
SHARE27 Feb 2020
Pencil Drawings by Nicolaus Ferry
Pencil drawings: Nicolaus Ferry is an European surreal artist, who is quite well versed in digital art and manual pencil drawings. Nicolaus Ferry is a master of shading and light capturing, her work is like a splash of fresh water on your face. Nicolaus Ferry takes on commission work and her portrait pencil drawings are up for sale on her website. Her subjects are mostly women and she adds butterflies to her portraits, to show that a woman is as delicate as a butterfly. She has cleverly used the butterflies as eyes and the rest is...
SHARE16 Dec 2019
Color Pencil Drawings by Cliff Beron
Cliff Beron is an ace artist when it comes to color pencil drawings. We absolutely love the extra attention given to the detailing on the hair, face, expressions and more. The light and shadow has been perfectly captured by the talented artist. The artist uses different hair-colors for the subjects, making it an interesting watch. Cliff Beron aka god.hands as he calls himself in the social media handles, is a self taught artist. At a very young age, he was introduced to colors and sketch pads. The extensive years of...
SHARE17 Jun 2020
3D Art by Stephan Moity
3D Drawings: Stephan Moity is a self taught talented 3D artist from Paris. He creates beautiful 3D and Slant art or otherwise known as anamorphic drawings. His 3D drawings are so realistic and very well detailed, that sometimes you may feel that you are staring at the real person. You can literally feel the characters jump off the paper. His digital art mostly consists of day to day things like animals, pop culture and animation characters. He mostly uses graphite, ink pen and color pencils to achieve the 3D look for his drawings....
SHARE23 Jul 2019
Pencil Drawings by Linda Huber
Pencil Drawings : Linda Huber is a celebrated artist hailing for the United States. Her passion for recreating life as we see it is unquenchable. She takes great pleasure in capturing every fine detail into her pencil drawings. As of 2010, Linda has started teaching drawing lessons online and has students from all over the world. Over here we have compiled 15 of her pencil drawings, which look more like black and white photographs than drawings. Each drawing captures minute details of the object to create something which almost...
SHARE04 Apr 2018
Pencil Drawings by Ayman Fahmy
Realistic Pencil drawings: Ayman Fahmy is popularly known as Aymanarts on instagram. He is a graphic designer and artist who specializes in color pencil drawings, oil paintings, water color paintings and also Gouache art. His black & white color pencil drawings of popular characters from Hollywood movies like Harry Potter, celebrity portraits, teeny tiny babies are very interesting to watch. His color pencil drawings are very much detailed and he always makes his art super realistic. Ayman's drawing of eyes is totally...
SHARE05 Sep 2018
Portrait Pencil Drawings by Vita Biryulina
Portrait Pencil drawings: Meet, Vita Biryulina an artist from Kazakhstan, who creates these stunning pencil drawings. Most of Vita Biryulina's subjects are females and children and she does a wonderful job in bringing out the emotions and shading on the portarits which equally proportional. Sometimes when you look at her pencil drawings, you might have the feeling of looking at a black and white photograph. Vita Biryulina also creates portrait pencil drawings of popular celebrities. Her work is quite popular on the social media...
SHARE20 Jan 2020
3D Drawings by Nikola Culjic
3D pencil drawing: Artist Nikola Culjic was born in Serbia in 1985. Even as a child this young artist had a flair for drawing and painting. Initially Nikola Culjic started off with portrait drawings and caricatures. Later on when he was introduced to the digital media, he took a fascination for 3d drawings and he also taught himself photo manipulation techniques. He can create amazing 3D pencil drawings on canvas and via digitally. Apart from 3D art drawing, he also creates logo designs for many companies. He is a freelance artist...
SHARE17 Nov 2020
Creative Drawings by Backpacker
Illustrations by The Sketching Backpacker: The sketching backpacker's original name is Robert Alejandro. The Sketching Backpacker is a book written by Robert Alejandro and narrates his 10-week backpack adventures around Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Macau, Hong Kong and the Philippines, through beautiful illustrations. He loves to travel and sketch, so now you know why he has the pseudo name. Whenever he travels to a new places, he dedicates a couple of days for his sketching. Sometimes you can...
SHARE28 May 2018
Eye Makeup Art works by Scarlet Moon
Eye Makeup Ideas by Scarlet Moon: Tal Peleg also known as Scarlet moon in the art circles, is a makeup artist from Israel. She uses eyes as her canvas to show the world, her passion in art. Apart from eye make up artworks, she enjoys photography and illustration. So combining all this, she creates she uses an unique canvas, which are her own eyes. Once she creates these eye makeup, she takes a picture of them, cleans them up and goes on to the next eye makeup design. It's not all about painting the eyes, she uses the natural...
SHARE29 Aug 2020
 Doodle Art
Doodle doesn't follow any specific guidelines, it's an art which resembles more like a scribbling or following the same patterns. All of us have done our share of doodles right from childhood. Remember the boring physics or maths classes, where we let our minds wander and start drawing some funny characters on the paper? Doodle is all about drawing some funny things without any real focus on the characters. Doodle is an art which flows from the subconscious mind. If you want to get a real career in Doodle art, it would be...
SHARE11 Dec 2017
Creative Drawings by Elena Trukan
Creative drawing: Elena Trukan is a young Russian artist who has a unique style of drawing with ink pens. First she takes pictures of what she wants to draw and using just her pen, she recreates the portraits with her ink pens. If you have a look at her creative drawings, you can see that all the proportions on a face are correct, but the face is just created with few scribbles. Isn't that interesting? Next time you are scribbling, scribble in an artistic way and you can become the next Elena Trukan. Even as a child, Elena Trukan...
SHARE11 Sep 2020

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