25 Beautiful Bronze Sculptures From Around The World


Bronze Sculptures

Bronze sculptures: In the early century, Greeks and Romans popularized bronze sculptures as they were the masters in sculpting them. They had huge bronze sculptures of their gods, goddesses, kings etc. Initially wooden sculptures were made and then bronze sheets were fixed on them to get the desired sculpture. Once they found the wax sculpting, it became easier to create these bronze sculptures. In these techniques, clay is used to create the desired shape or figure and it acts as the mould, then the hot metal is poured into these moulds; the clay is made stronger by heating it and when it cools, it is broken to reveal the bronze sculptures. If a large sculpture is required, then they are created separately like the head, body, legs etc and then joined together to create the beautiful sculpture. In this post we have included 20 Beautiful and Stunning Bronze sculptures from around the world.

Bronze sculpture primavera by isabel miramontes bronze sculpture primavera by isabel miramontesHorse rider bronze sculptures horse rider bronze sculpturesAngel bronze sculptures angel bronze sculpturesTang horse bronze sculptures tang horse bronze sculptures Violin bronze sculptures violin bronze sculpturesMichael jackson bronze sculptures michael jackson bronze sculpturesHorses rider bronze sculptures horses rider bronze sculpturesLion bronze sculptures lion bronze sculpturesCow boy bronze sculptures cow boy bronze sculpturesHorse bronze sculptures - 1 horse bronze sculptures -  1George bronze sculptures george bronze sculpturesCheetah bronze sculptures cheetah bronze sculpturesGoat bronze sculptures goat bronze sculpturesObamas bronze sculptures obamas bronze sculpturesCheval bronze sculptures cheval bronze sculpturesHorse bronze sculptures horse bronze sculpturesDancer bronze sculptures dancer bronze sculpturesHorse riders bronze sculptures horse riders bronze sculpturesBull bronze sculptures bull bronze sculpturesModern horse bronze sculptures modern horse bronze sculptures


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