25 Beautiful Face Painting Art Works Around The World


Face Paintings

Face painting: If you go for any festival or occasion, you are bound to see a lot of face painting artists. Kids just love to get their faces painted and show off their glitters to their friends. In this post we have included 50 Mind blowing face painting designs for your inspiration. Now that summer is approaching, all schools are bound to get closed, you can join your kids for some face painting classes, which is sure to keep them engrossed for many hours, so you can have some free time for yourself. Animals and butterflies are the favourite amongst kids for face painting. Face painting is so easy once you master the skills and it will take only 5 minutes to paint a kids face, so if you are looking for a career, then you can for this as it’s so popular among kids and adults.

Butterfly face paintings - 12 butterfly face paintings -  12Illusion face paintings - 1 illusion face paintings -  1Tiger face paintings - 17 tiger face paintings -  17Cute face paintings - 4 cute face paintings -  4 Red face paintings - 11 red face paintings -  11Bird face paintings - 6 bird face paintings -  66 face painting valeriya 6 face painting valeriyaCute face paintings - 24 cute face paintings -  2410 face art rankin 10 face art rankin12 face art rankin 12 face art rankin14 face art rankin 14 face art rankin8 face art rankin 8 face art rankin9 face art rankin 9 face art rankinDog face paintings - 18 dog face paintings -  18Bunny face paintings - 7 bunny face paintings -  7Beautiful face paintings by kohli - 3 beautiful face paintings by kohli -  3Cute face paintings - 19 cute face paintings -  19Black white face paintings - 14 black white face paintings -  14Black white face paintings - 15 black white face paintings -  15Micky mouse face paintings - 13 micky mouse face paintings -  13


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