10 Hyper Realistic Oil Paintings By Joan Pujol For Your Inspiration


Oil Painting By Joan Pujol

Hyper Realistic Oil Paintings : Joan Pujol is a self taught Canadian artist. He started painting when he was very young. He is well established still life painter who has conducted numerous art exhibitions in many art galleries. He is well known for his master strokes in painting, which gives a depth of color and one gets taken away by the sheer realism of the still life paintings. His uses the newspapers, magazines, plastic bags, kitchen utensils etc as his subjects for his oil painting. He oil paintings are always from live models. Joan Pujol says, “ I use oil pigments on a wood panel that has been thoroughly varnished and coated with gesso. Once that surface is smoothened he outlines the subject with a pencil and applies oil pigments with his brushes”. In this post we have included 20 amazing still life Oil Paintings by Joan Pujol for your inspiration.


Cartoon Fanfare Oil Painting Joan cartoon fanfare oil painting joan Folded Newspapers Oil Painting Joan folded newspapers oil painting joan Newspapers Oil Painting Joan newspapers oil painting joan Papers Oil Painting Joan papers oil painting joan Fold Newspapers Oil Painting Joan fold newspapers oil painting joan Small Parcel Oil Painting Joan small parcel oil painting joan Stained Paper Oil Painting Joan stained paper oil painting joan Three Pack Oil Painting Joan three pack oil painting joan Newspaper Oil Painting Joan newspaper oil painting joan Newspaper Chair Oil Painting Joan newspaper chair oil painting joan

Artist Name: Joan Pujol


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