15 Beautiful Landscape Paintings By Tomas Sanchez

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Landscape Paintings By Tomas Sanchez

Landscape Paintings : The artist quotes “I have always had two fundamental interests in life; art and meditation, both of then intimately related” His passion for these interests manifest into some jaw dropping paintings of surreal landscapes. Tomás Sánchez is an avid landscape painter and an engraver. His contribution to printmaking, sculpting and photography is also well known and received. Other than capturing landscapes on his canvas, he also enjoys other themes such as expressionism. He uses healthy doses of watercolor, acrylic, tempera, ink and pastel for his masterpieces. Proceed ahead and get lost into a world created by the artist. i hope you will like these 15 Beautiful Landscape Paintings by Tomas Sanchez

waterfall oil painting tomás sánchez
Waterfall Oil Painting Tomás Sánchezwaterfall oil painting tomás sánchezCrater Oil Painting Tomás Sánchezcrater oil painting tomás sánchezForest Oil Painting Tomás Sánchezforest oil painting tomás sánchezLagoon Oil Painting Tomás Sánchezlagoon oil painting tomás sánchezLandscape Oil Painting Tomás Sánchezlandscape oil painting tomás sánchez Palm Trees Oil Painting Tomás Sánchezpalm trees oil painting tomás sánchezPlastic Oil Painting Tomás Sánchezplastic oil painting tomás sánchezPolluted Beach Oil Painting Tomás Sánchezpolluted beach oil painting tomás sánchezPollution Oil Painting Tomás Sánchezpollution oil painting tomás sánchezRiver Bank Oil Painting Tomás Sánchezriver bank oil painting tomás sánchezScrap Island Oil Painting Tomás Sánchezscrap island oil painting tomás sánchezSociety Oil Painting Tomás Sánchezsociety oil painting tomás sánchezTree Island Oil Painting Tomás Sáncheztree island oil painting tomás sánchezTrees Oil Painting Tomás Sáncheztrees oil painting tomás sánchezVolcano Forest Oil Painting Tomás Sánchezvolcano forest oil painting tomás sánchez Share - Add Comment

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