20 Amazing Nature Paintings And Illustrations By Judy Garfin

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Nature Paintings By Judy Garfin

Nature Paintings: Judy Garfin was born in Canada but now lives in Montreal where she has her own studio. She is also an associate professor at The department of Fine Arts at Concordia University for both undergraduate and master programs. She recently published a book “Natural Disguise” which has five critical essays, her interviews and her biography. Judy Gaefin writes in her book, “My paintings are my interpretation of nature as a layered and complex experience”. Below we have included some of Judy Garfin’s greatest illustration works.

bird flower illustration judy
Bird Flower Illustration Judybird flower illustration judyBirlds Plant Illustration Judybirlds plant illustration judyBeauty Flowers Illustration Judybeauty flowers illustration judyBird Illustration Judybird illustration judyBirds Illustration Judybirds illustration judy Birds Garden Illustration Judybirds garden illustration judyBirds Nest Illustration Judybirds nest illustration judyBunch Flower Illustration Judybunch flower illustration judyBunch Flowers Illustration Judybunch flowers illustration judyFlower Illustration Judyflower illustration judyFruit Illustration Judyfruit illustration judyLittle Birds Illustration Judylittle birds illustration judyParrot Illustration Judyparrot illustration judyPlant Illustration Judyplant illustration judyRose Illustration Judyrose illustration judyRoses Illustration Judyroses illustration judySunflower Illustration Judysunflower illustration judyTwo Birds Illustration Judytwo birds illustration judyVilot Flower Illustration Judyvilot flower illustration judyWhite Bird Illustration Judywhite bird illustration judy Share - Add Comment

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