15 Photo Realistic Oil Paintings By Ruddy Taveras

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Photo Realistic Oil Paintings By Ruddy Taveras

Photo Realistic Oil Paintings : Ruddy Taveras born in 1980 at Valverde Mao is quite popular for his still life oil paintings of everyday objects. From his early childhood he was inclined towards the artisitic world. His paintings have become internationally popular due to the nature of photo realism attached to them. He graduated from the National school of Fine Arts in Santa Domingo. From 2008 he devoted himself to creating photo realistic oil paintings as he always liked the realism in his paintings. Ruddy has participated in several national and international painting competitions and his oil paintings are recognized by the art community. In this post we have included 15 Photo Realistic Oil Paintings by Ruddy Taveras.

clock oil painting ruddy
Clock Oil Painting Ruddyclock oil painting ruddyGrape Oil Painting Ruddygrape oil painting ruddyCup Oil Painting Ruddycup oil painting ruddyDry Fruits Oil Painting Ruddydry fruits oil painting ruddyFish Bowl Oil Painting Ruddyfish bowl oil painting ruddy Fish Oil Painting Ruddyfish oil painting ruddyFruits Oil Painting Ruddyfruits oil painting ruddyGrapes Oil Painting Ruddygrapes oil painting ruddyJug Oil Painting Ruddyjug oil painting ruddyNuts Oil Painting Ruddynuts oil painting ruddyOrange Oil Painting Ruddyorange oil painting ruddyPlum Oil Painting Ruddyplum oil painting ruddyPlums Oil Painting Ruddyplums oil painting ruddyTea Jug Oil Painting Ruddytea jug oil painting ruddyTea Oil Painting Ruddytea oil painting ruddy Share - Add Comment

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