25 Amazing Scarf Art Designs From Roza Khamitova For Your Inspiration

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Scarf Art By Roza Khamitova

Scarf Art design: People are always thrilled to see the majestic birds like eagles, owl etc when they spread their wings and fly above the clear blue sky. I am sure you would like to touch those beautiful wings atleast once in your lifetime. Artist Roza Khamitova makes it possible through her mind blowing scarf art. They look so realistic, that the wearer feels like a bird. Roza has said in her blog,” My vision is to design unique pieces that are not only sexy and stylish, but also comfortable and functional. As a visual artist, I had always drawn most of my inspiration from the natural world around me in the mountains of Kazakhstan, where I was born and lived until the age of thirteen. Feeling stifled by the crowded and competitive concrete jungle of New York City, in 2010 I travelled down under to Australia to search for adventure and more natural wonders to inform my work”. In this post we have included 25 Amazing Scarf art designs from Roza Khamitova for your inspiration.

peacock scarf art
Peacock Scarf Artpeacock scarf artOwl Scarf Artowl scarf artBlue Owl Scarf Artblue owl scarf artGreen Wings Scarf Art 3green wings scarf art 3Owl Wing Scarf Artowl wing scarf art Black Wings Scarf Art 1black wings scarf art 1Black Wings Scarf Art 2black wings scarf art 2Black Wings Scarf Art 3black wings scarf art 3Black Wings Scarf Artblack wings scarf artBlue Owl Scarf Art 1blue owl scarf art 1Blue Wings Scarf Art 1blue wings scarf art 1Blue Wings Scarf Artblue wings scarf artBrown Wings Scarf Art 1brown wings scarf art 1Brown Wings Scarf Artbrown wings scarf artGreen Wings Scarf Art 1green wings scarf art 1Green Wings Scarf Art 2green wings scarf art 2Green Wings Scarf Art 4green wings scarf art 4Green Wings Scarf Artgreen wings scarf artOwl Wings Scarf Artowl wings scarf artWings Scarf Artwings scarf art Share - Add Comment

Artist Name: Roza Khamitova

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