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Watercolor Paintings by Hannah Jesus: Hannah Jesus Koh is an art teacher and loves to create natural watercolor paintings from the stunning places she visit. What is so special about her technique is, she uses the water from the direct surroundings of the place she wishes to watercolor. "It's nice to know an elemental part of the scene will always be a literal part of my painting. The salty Arctic sea spray is infused into my painting of Dyrholaey. Drops...
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Watercolor Paintings by Samantha French: Samantha French's watercolor paintings is like a whiff of fresh air. Samantha French graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2005. According to Samantha French's bio,"My current body of work is focused on swimmers underwater and above. Using vague yet consuming memories from my childhood summers spent immersed in the tepid lakes of northern Minnesota, I attempt to recreate the quiet...
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Watercolor painting: Jongkie is an illustrator/artist from Kota Wisata Batu in Indonesia. His unique style in watercolor paintings has made him popular on many social media sites especially in instagram. According to his website," His unique style is exemplified as a result of him not merely replicating the reference picture he is using but adding his own imagination and signature style which he has named the ‘magic effect’. Jongkie describes his...
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