15 Beautiful Lotus Paintings By Chinese Artist Jiang Debin


Lotus Painting By Jiang Debin

Lotus Painting: Jiang Debin is a well known Chinese painter. He has his own studio at Zhuhai where he creates all his paintings. His watercolour paintings are mostly held as private and commercial collections around the world. He graduated in 1987 at the Southwest Normal University. After completing his degree he worked as a teacher at the Sanxia Science and Technology institute before starting his own studio at Zhuhai. He has exhibited numerous solo exhibitions in China. His Lotus Painting series is a mixture of traditional realism and freehand painting techniques. In this post we have included 25 amazing lotus paintings by Jiang Debin for your inspiration.

Rose Lotus Bud Painting Jiangrose lotus bud painting jiang Insect Lotus Painting Jianginsect lotus painting jiang Rose Lotus Painting Jiangrose lotus painting jiang Rose Lotus Fish Painting Jiangrose lotus fish painting jiang White Lotus Bud Painting Jiangwhite lotus bud painting jiang Rose Bud Leaves Painting Jiangrose bud leaves painting jiang Red Lotus Painting Jiangred lotus painting jiang Lotus Painting Jianglotus painting jiang Lotus Flower Painting Jianglotus flower painting jiang Lotus Bud Painting Jianglotus bud painting jiang Lotus Fish Painting Jianglotus fish painting jiang Lotus Bud Painting Jiang_0lotus bud painting jiang_0 White Lotus Leaves Painting Jiangwhite lotus leaves painting jiang Insect Lotus Bud Painting Jianginsect lotus bud painting jiang Green Leaves Lotus Painting Jianggreen leaves lotus painting jiang

Artist Name: Jiang Debin


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