20 Amazing Acrylic Paintings On Feather By Jamie Homeister


Acrylic Paintings On Feather By Jamie Homeister

Acrylic Paintings on Feather : Feather painting is quite popular among many artists. In this post Jamie Homeister has used elaborate animal designs on her paintings and most of them seem to come straight out of the feather. They are super realistic. Feathers are the most delicate things because they tend to move a lot, so if you want to try your stund at painting on feathers, it’s better you glaze your feathers and then stick them with a painter’s tape to a working board. Create a sketch with the most prominent colours and remember to add more layers of the colour to make the colour bright. Once the basic sketch is ready, use your imagination to create wonderful paintings. Acrylics are the best when you are start feather paintings, since they dry out easily saves you plenty of time to get on with your work. Enjoy the 20 Amazing Acrylic Paintings on Feather by Jamie Homeister.

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