Large Scale Mural Street Art works by Los Angeles Artist El Mac


Street Art: Miles MacGregor is popularly known as El Mac in the art community. He is quite popular for his pattern graffiti and life like portraits a public places. His portraits become larger than life even in high raise apartments. You can see a lot of spirals, blur lines which makes his work unique. He has been street art, graffiti since the 90's and his work has become landmarks in many places. You can see his large street art murals in USA, Mexico, Canada, Sweden, France, Ireland, UK, Spain, Vietnam and many other stunning places. Even though his work is time consuming, he thoroughly enjoys every bit of it. What is prominent in his work - Blurred lines, repeated contour lines, understanding the vibe of the local place. Sometimes we wonder if he has drawn inspiration from the local people for mural portraits.

Beautiful street art by elmac1-beautiful-street-art-by-elmac Beautiful street art by elmac2-beautiful-street-art-by-elmac Beautiful street art by elmac3-beautiful-street-art-by-elmac Beautiful street art by elmac4-beautiful-street-art-by-elmac Beautiful street art by elmac5-beautiful-street-art-by-elmac Beautiful street art by elmac6-beautiful-street-art-by-elmac Beautiful street art by elmac7-beautiful-street-art-by-elmac Beautiful street art by elmac8-beautiful-street-art-by-elmac Beautiful street art by elmac9-beautiful-street-art-by-elmac Beautiful street art by elmac10-beautiful-street-art-by-elmac Beautiful street art by elmac11-beautiful-street-art-by-elmac Beautiful street art by elmac12-beautiful-street-art-by-elmac Beautiful street art by elmac13-beautiful-street-art-by-elmac Beautiful street art by elmac14-beautiful-street-art-by-elmac Beautiful street art by elmac15-beautiful-street-art-by-elmac

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