South Asias Leading Art Show - India Art Fair and Festival - Feb 9 2018


Modern and contemporary art of South Asia is promoted through the India Art Fair held in New Delhi, which was founded in the year 2008. Since founding the Art Fair plays an important role in exhibiting the cultural community with excellence and stays as a connect for the artist and the market. The diverse visual arts are reflected in the Fair and provides opportunities for the artists of all disciplines to explore the world. Paintings, sculptures, photography, mixed media, prints, drawings and video art are included in the Fair. The India Art Fair gained popularity and it covers wide spectrum of visual arts artistic practices.

India Art Fair works closely with select exhibitors to balance International participation with strong content from South Asia. Exhibitors with quality, diversity and innovation are invited to apply for the India Art Fair 2018 which is open for entry. The upcoming event invites visitors across the world. It provides an unique opportunity to explore best galleries in South Asia and beyond.

Date : February 9 - 12 2018

Venue : NSIC grounds, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi

India art fair new delhi1-india-art-fair-new-delhi India art fair new delhi2-india-art-fair-new-delhi India art fair new delhi3-india-art-fair-new-delhi India art fair new delhi4-india-art-fair-new-delhi India art fair new delhi5-india-art-fair-new-delhi

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