Dufys Electricity Fairy the largest Painting in the world receives a debonair in Paris


The Electricity Fairy is one of Dufy’s incredible paintings in 600 square feet. It is a colorful marvel chosen for Heritage experiences. It sounded to be Dufy’s new imagination and became the biggest hit as his most remarkable works.  Duffy took to revealing the classical time of the 1930s recalling the story of light and how daily life was affected.
The painting features Dufy’s favorite flock of birds and sailing boats, bringing out a changing landscape. Blooming out the painting reads intertwining history and mythology keeping with warm waves, cool currents, and shifting landscapes, that the entire canvas appears in motion shuffling individuals. The style of Dufy’s is incredible and evocative, highlighting the scientific world's infancy. Even today this painting of Dufy is on display in the Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris (Modern Art Museum - MAM).

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