Wire Sculpture Training by London Artist Cathy Miles - Oct 2016


Want to take your drawing to the next level? Find out out how you can draw with wire in 2D and 3D techniques by Cathy Miles at West Dean College, UK. The five days programme is jam packed with lots of seminars and workshops which will be suitable for all interested in art. If you have a good dexterity with a plier and have a passion for creativity, then this course will be super beneficial for you. You will first be taught to draw the two dimensional designs on paper and later on you will be taught to transfer the design as a sculpture using wire and other resources available at the West Dean College. It course is available for public for a fee of $730(£546.00).

About the Art Training course:

You can learn to create three dimensional sculptures using an iron wire. West Dean College is famous for it's flora and fauna, so you will not be short of inspiration. During the course, you will learn hpw to draw the pictures on a paper and then recreate them using a iron wire. You can also bring little bits of other kinds of wires, beads, feather, petals etc for an additional touch to your creations. You will learn how to silver solder(it's not like the iron soldering) and use pliers effectively to create stunning 3d sculptures using wire.

Materials included in the course fee: All wire, solder, flux, some found objects, glue.
Please bring any of the above, if you have them, and in addition:
Apron, Small pot of jam jar, Closed toe shoes, A camera for photographing finished pieces

You can find more information here: https://www.westdean.org.uk/study/short-courses/courses/5d6486-drawing-with-wire#block-intro
Residential accomodation are also available. Only limited seats are available, so book now. https://booking.westdean.org.uk/coursebook.aspx?rid=5d6486&action=book

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