20 Creative Bubble Painting Photography Ideas By Seb Duke


Bubble Painting By Seb Duke

These paintings are the artworks of fine art photographer, Seb Duke. To create these tunning paintings, he mixes different colored liquids together and creates little bubbles of paint, which take on stunning appearances. Once the desired look is achieved, he uses macro lens to capture the pictures and make them into art prints. The bubble painting photography can be used as wall decoratives. The colors, blending, minute details all together play a major role in making his artwork unique. Seb Duke was born in Moncton, New Brunswick. He currently lives and works from Toronto, Ontario. His bubble art paintings can be purchased at his website.

Paintings Bubble Atlantis Rising Seb Duke paintings bubble atlantis rising seb duke Paintings Bubble Blue Seb Duke paintings bubble blue seb duke Paintings Bubble Blues Seb Duke paintings bubble blues seb duke Paintings Bubble Bright Blue Dot Seb Duke paintings bubble bright blue dot seb duke Paintings Bubble Colors Seb Duke paintings bubble colors seb duke Paintings Bubble Cracks Seb Duke paintings bubble cracks seb duke Paintings Bubble Yellow Seb Duke paintings bubble yellow seb duke Paintings Bubble Abyss Seb Duke paintings bubble abyss seb duke Paintings Bubble Darkness Seb Duke paintings bubble darkness seb duke Paintings Bubble Haloscape Seb Duke paintings bubble haloscape seb duke Paintings Bubble Harmony Seb Duke paintings bubble harmony seb duke Paintings Bubble Heavenly Eyes Seb Duke paintings bubble heavenly eyes seb duke Paintings Bubble Hollow Bubbles Seb Duke paintings bubble hollow bubbles seb duke Paintings Bubble Mixture Seb Duke paintings bubble mixture seb duke Paintings Bubble Planets Seb Duke paintings bubble planets seb duke Paintings Bubble Prelude Infinity Seb Duke paintings bubble prelude infinity seb duke Paintings Bubble Storm Seb Duke paintings bubble storm seb duke Paintings Bubble Summertime Spleen Seb Duke paintings bubble summertime spleen seb duke Paintings Bubble Swirl Seb Duke paintings bubble swirl seb duke Paintings Bubble Teal Seb Duke paintings bubble teal seb duke

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