15 Realistic Pencil Drawings By American Artist Linda Huber


Pencil Drawings By Linda Huber

Pencil Drawings : Linda Huber is a celebrated artist hailing for the United States. Her passion for recreating life as we see it is unquenchable. She takes great pleasure in capturing every fine detail into her pencil drawings. As of 2010, Linda has started teaching drawing lessons online and has students from all over the world. Over here we have compiled 15 of her pencil drawings, which look more like black and white photographs than drawings. Each drawing captures minute details of the object to create something which almost looks alive. Please take a look at her work and notice your jaw drop in amazement. 

Angeline Jolie Pencil Drawing Linda Huber angeline jolie pencil drawing linda huber Infant Pencil Drawing Linda Huber infant pencil drawing linda huber David Pencil Drawing Linda Huber david pencil drawing linda huber Elise Pencil Drawing Linda Huber elise pencil drawing linda huber Girl Pencil Drawing Linda Huber girl pencil drawing linda huber Depp Pencil Drawing Linda Huber depp pencil drawing linda huber Mom Son Pencil Drawing Linda Huber mom son pencil drawing linda huber Horse Pencil Drawing Linda Huber horse pencil drawing linda huber Miley Cyrus Pencil Drawing Linda Huber miley cyrus pencil drawing linda huber Baby Pencil Drawing Linda Huber baby pencil drawing linda huber Leeloo Pencil Drawing Linda Huber leeloo pencil drawing linda huber Bulb Pencil Drawing Linda Huber bulb pencil drawing linda huber Droplet Pencil Drawing Linda Huber droplet pencil drawing linda huber Little Girl Pencil Drawing Linda Huber little girl pencil drawing linda huber Marilyn Monroe Pencil Drawing Linda Huber marilyn monroe pencil drawing linda huber

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