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digital art works by vasylina holodilina

Digital painting: Fantasy art fuses subjects and components from outsider mythology, fantasy writing and tall tales. By tenet, fantasy art/digital painting is motivated by various sorts of mythology alluding to the social convictions individuals offer in various geological locales. Fantasy art by Vasylina Holodilina explores the creative and...

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digital art by sylar

Digital painting: Sylar is a young creative, surreal artist from Chelyabinsk, Russia. He is quite popular for his surrealistic digital art which has made him quite popular in the social media sites. Apart from being surrealistic, his digital paintings also have a magical and mythical touch to it. Sylar's digital arts take you through a land of...

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animal color pencil drawings by kate mur

Animal pencil drawings: Kate Mur is an Russian artist who specializes in color pencil drawings. Her pencil drawings are so real, it makes you wonder if they are photographs or drawings. Her love for animals is clearly shown in her pencil drawings. Her favourite subjects are cats, dogs and horses. The light captured in the animal's eyes are so...

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