25 Creative Scribbles Artworks From Around The World



Scribbles: I am sure each and every person would have been asked by their teachers “Why are you scribbling on the paper?” and can you ever imagine that these scribbles can actually be used to show some kind of art. Scribbles are normally done by holding a pen or pencil on a piece of paper and drawing various lines, without lifting the pencils off the paper. Using scribbles method, artists have created several popular celebrity portraits. It’s a real fancy way of drawing and hope you guys enjoy this series of 25 Beautiful and mind blowing scribbles examples for your inspiration. 

Madana scribbles madana scribbles Potrait scribbles - 12 potrait scribbles -  12 Scribbles by vince low - 9 scribbles by vince low -  9 Man scribbles - 1 man scribbles -  1 Scribbles by vince low - 7 scribbles by vince low -  7 Lady scribbles - 10 lady scribbles -  10 Monkey scribbles - 25 monkey scribbles -  25 Eagle scribbles by nathan shegrud - 24 eagle scribbles by nathan shegrud -  24 Scribble by jessemayberry - 19 scribble by jessemayberry -  19 Lion scribbles by nathan shegrud - 20 lion scribbles by nathan shegrud -  20 Tiger scribbles by nathan shegrud - 18 tiger scribbles by nathan shegrud -  18 Lady scribbles by youngchristianartist - 13 lady scribbles by youngchristianartist -  13 Scribbles by vince low - 6 scribbles by vince low -  6 Scribbles by vince low - 4 scribbles by vince low -  4 Goat scribbles by vince low goat scribbles by vince low Portraits scribble by vince portraits scribble by vince Scribble by pitschke - 14 scribble by pitschke -  14 Girl scribbles by squared girl scribbles by squared Batman scribbles batman scribbles Superman scribbles - 2 superman scribbles -  2


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