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15 amazing steampunk sculptures of resin and repurposed objects by tomas barcelo

Spanish Sculptor Tomas Barcelo creates fusion sculptures of antique and retro-futurism using resin and repurposed objects.  These steampunk sculptures resemble alien or otherworldly figurines which are designed in ancient style.  Initially Tomas was using clay, Lego and cardboard to create sculptures but since 2014 he started working on...

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street art works by fabio lopez

Street artworks: Fabio Lopez is an amazing street artist who was born and brought up in Madrid. He is a self taught street artist and his love for art started at a very young age. His street art style is inspired from the works of other artists MC Escher, Mohlitz Philippe, Jean Giraud and so on. Fabio Lopez combines graphic illustration and...

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finger paintings by jaime sanjuan

Finger Paintings: Jaime Sanjuan is a Spanish artist who creates these awesome finger paintings through his iPad. He uses Procreate app to create these amazing finger paintings. Jaime Sanjuan holds a degree in fine art and has also written a doctoral thesis on art and new technologies. For four years, Jaime couldn't find an appropriate job and...

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