20 Colorful Watercolor Paintings By Svenja Jodicke


Watercolor Paintings By Svenja Jodicke

Colorful Watercolor Paintings: German Artist Svenja Jodicke was born and brought up in a large creative and artistic family. So it was natural for her to have a passion in art. She found out for her love in watercolour paintings in the year 2012. She believes that eyes are the souls of inner beauty and speaks a lot about a person’s character. Most of her watercolour paintings portray a pair of eyes or a single eye which has some imaginary art added to them to make them highly emotive. In this post we have include 25 beautiful and colourful water colour paintings by Svenja Jodicke for your inspiration.

Fish Girl Watercolor Painting Svenja fish girl watercolor painting svenja Fish Woman Watercolor Painting Svenja fish woman watercolor painting svenja Orange Hair Girl Watercolor Painting Svenja orange hair girl watercolor painting svenja Plant Girl Watercolor Painting Svenja plant girl watercolor painting svenja Flower Girl Watercolor Painting Svenja flower girl watercolor painting svenja Flower Eyes Watercolor Painting Svenja flower eyes watercolor painting svenja Beauty Girl Watercolor Painting Svenja beauty girl watercolor painting svenja Butterfly Girl Watercolor Painting Svenja butterfly girl watercolor painting svenja Cat Wings Watercolor Painting Svenja cat wings watercolor painting svenja Colorish Eye Watercolor Painting Svenja colorish eye watercolor painting svenja Colorful Eye Watercolor Painting Svenja colorful eye watercolor painting svenja Eye Watercolor Painting Svenja eye watercolor painting svenja Girl Watercolor Painting Svenja girl watercolor painting svenja Girls Watercolor Painting Svenja girls watercolor painting svenja Lady Watercolor Painting Svenja lady watercolor painting svenja Magician Watercolor Painting Svenja magician watercolor painting svenja Red Girl Watercolor Painting Svenja red girl watercolor painting svenja Sultry Woman Watercolor Painting Svenja sultry woman watercolor painting svenja Wolf Girl Watercolor Painting Svenja wolf girl watercolor painting svenja Woman Watercolor Painting Svenja woman watercolor painting svenja

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