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nature paintings by luiza niechoda

Luiza Niechoda's paintings take u back to nature. She expresses the various seasons through her paintings. She is an acrylic and watercolor artist from Warsaw, Poland. We particularly enjoyed her rain themed paintings. The little drops of scattered colors somehow makes us imagine that it's a rainy day. We can clearly understand that she is...

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digital art by marta dahlig

Digital Art  is the contemporary ever growing genre . Having graced both the covers and pages of ImagineFX, and enthralled audiences with her popular “Seven Deadly Sins” works, amongst many others, Marta Dahlig has become a well known name in the digital art industry. Her paintings are captivating and detailed, and her...

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watercolor paintings by joanna wedrychowska

Watercolor Paintings: Joanna Wedrychowska is a Poland based artist who is talented in watercolour paintings. The use and choice of colours is simply mind blowing. The stroke of brushes, colour and light effect are very bold and brings out the character’s expression in an authentic way. Joanna Wedrychowska is a self taught portrait...

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digital artworks by michal sawtyruk

Digital artworks: Michal Sawtyruk is a digital illustrator and painter from Warsaw, Poland. Most of his digital art is full of dark background and pieces of lives that he came across in Warsaw, Poland. A man walking his dog, a group of people standing together and talking, a passerby stares at the people in a restaurant, dimly lit roads, smoky...

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watercolor paintings by grzegorz wrobel

Watercolor paintings: Grzegorz Wrobel is a Polish artist and he is brilliant with watercolor paintings. He mostly creates landscapes of beautiful places in watercolors. Grzegorz Wrobel was born in 1983, but he started painting at an young age of 12. He is also an architectural student, so most of his subjects are architecture, portraits and...

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surreal paintings by ewa pronczuk-kuziak

Surreal paintings canvassing mysterious women, with rabbit ears and disappearing butterflies is norm in Ewa Pronczuk Kuziak's artwork. She is a beautiful artist from Poland, currently living and working from Warsaw. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland. Apart from this she also has a degree from Polish Philology. Her...

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