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miniature sculptures by sunny miniworld

These miniature sculptures fit inside an adult's palm.It's fun to see our everyday food items like subway wraps, starbucks, fruits all molded into life like miniature sculptures. The desktops, sewing machines all seem to be packed with the nitty gritty details, which makes us wonder if the hand holding them was that of a giant. Sunny...

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steel wire sculptures by byeong doo moon

Steel Wire Sculpture: Korean artist Byeong Doon Moon creates sculptures of animals using stainless steel wires.  The peacock sculpture by the artist is titled 'Our memory in you place9; while the deer sculpture which was created in 2011 by the artist is titled 'I have been dreaming to be a tree". Both the sculptures were...

Top Korea South ArtistsIn Sculptures
pencil drawings by siyoung

Pencil drawings : Siyoung Kim is an artist from South Korea. She is quite popular on the social media sites because of her detailed pencil drawings. Most of her pencil drawings are of women and they are very much detailing. Her shading, lighting and emotions on the faces of the subjects have been captured beautifully. If you are interested in...

Top Korea South ArtistsIn Pencil Drawing
scenery paintings by jung hwan

Scenery Painting: Jung Hwan is a 1978, born Korean artist, who creates these exceptionally beautiful scenery paintings, which is sure to bring a calming effect on any person. He is well noted artist and one of his paintings known as 'Silent Woods' was sold for a whopping $15,000 in an auction which was held at 2009. Jung Hwan creates these...

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paintings by emily tan

Painting artwork: Emily Boon Ying Tan is popularly known as Emily Tan in the art circles. Emily Tan is from Suffolk, UK. She is one of the most gifted and creative artists of the modern world. According to her biography, " A minimalist, a maximalist, utilizing multiple techniques and mediums together with a unique style, creating art of...

Top Korea South ArtistsIn Other Paintings
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