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watercolor paintings by jason siew

Watercolor paintings: Jason Siew is a freelance illustrator and designer based at Singapore. He likes to call himself a day time designer and night time illustrator. Jason Siew takes on commission works. According to his website," This is an experimental series is a very fun and interesting personal project I did last year, which try using...

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paintings by keng lye

Layer Paintings: Keng Lye is a Singapore based artist who specializes in Resin Layer Painting. All that you see below are layer paintings which use nothing but acrylic paint layered with clear resin. Each of them is a life like presentation of painting and sculpture. One can get easily mistaken watching them at first glance. Though the...

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creative painting ideas by lim zhi wei

Creative Painting ideas by Lim Zhi Wei: Lim Zhi Wei is a Malayasian artist currently living in Singapore. She creates whimsical flower art which are truly a inspiration for all budding artists around the world. If you ask Lim Zhi Wei what she is passionate about, she would instantly say flowers, her passion for flowers has helped her in making...

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paper animal sculptures

Faith Chung is a young singaporean artist. Her paper 3d animal sculptures are made out of multiple paper folds. Origami is an art of folding paper to create different objects. This young artist has cleverly folded the little pieces of paper and arranged them in a certain pattern to create amazing 3d animal sculptures. She is popularly known...

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creative embroidery ideas by izziyana suhaimi

Creative embroidery: Mixing water color drawings with embroidery is something that's totally unheard of. Well this lovely artist Izziyana Suhaimi is able to mix both embroidery and color drawings to create beautiful art which looks so cool. "Embroidery for me is a quiet and still act, where each stitch represents a moment passed. The...

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